Jesus for Arabs

What We Do

Jesus for Arabs programs communicate and fulfill The Great Commission. We believe it is essential that every Arabic-speakers gets an opportunity to experience the love of Jesus Christ at least once. These programs do exactly that through organized strategic and creative projects.

Our Ministry Projects

Refugee & War Victims Project

Through this project, Levant Ministries directly engages in providing immediate assistance to people in inflected war areas and refugees across the world. Through our growing global network with multiple non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and numerous Christian organizations, we are able to aid the rising number of displaced people, widows and orphans. We focus on providing a holistic approach in our ministry.

  • We meet people’s physical needs
  • We meet people’s spiritual needs
  • We plant new believers in a local church
  • We provide Biblical training and discipleship
  • We plant new fellowships in areas of need

Planting fellowships among the unreached and unengaged communities is our priority. Equipping and sending workers to the field through our established networks around the world is our passion.

Church Planting

Planting fellowships among the unreached and unengaged communities is our priority. Equipping and sending workers to the field through our established networks around the world is our passion. Our vision is to plant new Christians in a local body of believers and ensure that proper Biblical training and discipleship are provided. We are committed to plant new fellowships among the unreached and unengaged Arabic-speaking communities.

Plant | Revitalize | Multiply

We recognize the significance of churches being led by well-equipped leaders in order to thrive in their sphere of ministry. Through collaborative leadership networks, volunteer training and a variety of helpful resources, our planters can find the tools they need to lead with courage, passion and effectiveness.

Children of the Levant

Let us give hope to the children in the Levant.

Together, we can bring healing to the misfortunate, abused, abandoned, and orphaned children in the Middle East. With your help, we aid and support the increasing number of mistreated children across the region. The majority of the children we serve come from a background of violence, abuse, and neglect. Other children come from even more heartbreaking situations, such as sex trafficking, drug use, and even human organ trafficking.

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress. – James 1:27

Creative Arts

Our Creative Arts ministry is intended to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in different mediums. Through the combination of live music, acting, and innovative audiovisual presentations, this ministry reaches many souls through the powerful story of Jesus Christ.

We organize and lead robust worship events, festivals, and large conventions. We share Christ’s love and hope directly through preaching, teaching, leading worship, drama, and creative arts.

Learn from Levant Team

Levant Team comprises experienced and gifted leaders/speakers/trainers/artists who are passionate to share with your church or organization about the amazing work God is doing around the world.

Our team specializes in conducting seminars and trainings for the purpose of building up the church and equipping leaders to have a deeper understanding of The Great Commission across the globe.

Special Projects & Ministries

We are commissioned to tell all Arabic-speakers about the freedom, grace, salvation, and the love that is found in Jesus Christ.

Levant Team comprises passionate and skilled speakers and artists who are equipped deliver the Gospel through Transmedia storytelling in straight and upfront manner on multiple platforms using various digital technologies.

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